Top Places In Georgia

Top Places To Visit In Georgia

  • Tbilisi

    The capital of Georgia was founded in the V century and represents part of the Old Silk Road. Tbilisi attracts visitors with its historical and modern sights. You can also see the synthesis of European and Asian culture, which makes it more attractive to the city.

  • Sighnaghi

    The city of love and wine, this is how Sighnaghi was referred in recent years. It is very attractive for those who need loading, like everything is wonderful, pleasant and small. As you walk in Sighnaghi, you can come to Italy - architecture is quite similar to the small Italian towns.

  • David Gareji

    The monastery complex, founded in stone in the 6th century BC, was an important educational center in the middle Ages. Frescoes created by the artists of the XI Century Art School are considered one of the most spectacular sightings for foreign travelers.

  • Vardzia

    The boundary town of the rocky cave, was founded in the XII century AD, , by the order of the king of Georgia Tamar. The natural array of rock is best found to build the city. At the time of the visit, Vardzia was a 600 storehouse. The complex is located on the jar of 100 m. It has more than 600 storerooms. Here are the pantry, auxiliary shelves, 25 marriages with 185 pitchers. To this day, Vardzia is surprised by her grandeur.

  • Kakheti, Homeland of Wine

    Kakheti is one of the regions of Georgia that is famous for its wine variety and wine production. In addition, Kakheti is characterized by a number of historical and cultural monuments: such as the Gremi, Nekresi, Old and New Shuamta, Alaverdi and others. There is also a beautiful Lagodekhi reserve.

  • Tusheti

    The mountain region of eastern Georgia, which is distinguished by its unique mountain landscape and so called Tushian towers. For those who are hiking type, a unique nature, extremism, Tusheti is the best place for it.

  • Svaneti, Ushguli

    The mountainous region of the Great Caucasus of Western Georgia, which is distinguished with its beautiful nature, unique architecture. Here you will meet Svan towers, which have both defensive and residential purpose. Here is one of the UNESCO's Uselgues, which is included in the list of UNESCO monuments as the highest point from the sea level that has been inhabited all year round.

  • Batumi

    Beautiful coastal city on the Black Sea coast, in Adjara. Apart from its old age, Batumi is also distinguished by its modernity. Many investments have been made and today a number of 5 and 4 * hotels, a rope, a beautiful boulevard are collected in Batumi. Here you can taste T Asian delicious cake with baklava and mashed turkey coffee.

  • Uplistsikhe

    Another piece of land, however, is also the ancient city of Silk Road Uplistsikhe, which was founded on the eve of the second and first millennia of the Old Crescent. The glory of Uplistsikhe is very well preserved. There was a great discovery here. Today you will find antique theater, pagan altar, living cavities in their bakeries, the large Kingdom Hall, the Orthodox Cathedral, etc.

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