Our Amazing Team

Meet Our Amazing Team

  • Ana Gelashvili

    Head of sales

    I love my country, it is a part of the world with a unique culture for me and it is inevitable. I have taken care of all of its sides and amazed her beauty, diversity and exotics. Her simple resident also delights me. This was mainly the reason why I came to this area. By profession I am German scholar, I have been working for more than 6 years in a sphere of tourism and this is a great pleasure to me. Apart from being an ambassador of my country, I have an opportunity to see many other countries around the world.

    Email: agelashvili@qualitrips.com

    Phone: +995 557 532 424

    Work phone: +995 32 2104 410

  • Alina Kukava

    Russian Tourism Manager

    I am Alina Kukava. My first profession was Russian language and literature. I have been working for more than three years in the field of tourism, this is the activity that makes me happy and my work gives me the opportunity to share my country with all its beauty, ancient culture and history to Russian-speaking customers. Traveling is the only thing where you spend money and get rich at the same time.

    Email: alina@qualitrips.com

    Phone: +995 551 136007

    Work phone: +995 32 2104410

  • Nini Metreveli

    English Tourism Travel Manager

    Hello, I am Nini Metreveli. I am very proud of being the part of country, which is so diverse from other countries in the world. I have traveled a lot, after which I realized how different and the same can be the people and the beauty what dwells in our planet. I graduated from the Faculty of International Relations and traveling has been a great love of mine ever since. As time goes by, I look forward to the world that seemed too big to me once, and now the endless control of my seat belt and the landing things made me figure out how little our earth is. My work gives me a chance to embrace each little detail; People, their culture, language traditions.

    Email: nmetreveli@qualitrips.com

    Phone: +995 599 793926

    Work Phone: +995 32 2104410

  • Anuka Bagaturia

    Tickets in any direction of the world

    Hello, I am Anuka Bagaturia.I love Georgia and Georgian people. I finished business administration, tourism. The main reason I have chosen this field is that it is the most enjoyable thing to do. The tourism has acquainted me with my country and its sights, and I love the sun and the sea. My goal is to offer all travel lovers a tailored, optimal tour, whether it is a business trip or an active-sunny, colorful fun tour. The traveling is the only thing that never is too much.


    Phone: +995 574 333122

    Work Phone: +995 32 2104410

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