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Georgia is the country with an ancient history and culture. The first written information about Georgia appears in ancient Greek historical sources. In the 4th century BC, Georgia receives Orthodox Christianity. After that, Georgia was converted as a country of Christian culture, both in the writing and in architectural terms. In the XII century, during the golden age of Georgia, there were two academies in the country where science subjects were taught based on Byzantine educational centers. Georgia is also distinguished by its geographical location. It covers the two continents of the continent and mesmerizing Europe and Asia. The northern and southern part of Georgia is completely covered by a large and small Caucasus mountain system that is unique with unique ecosystem. The highest peak of the country is Shkhara (5068 meters - Svaneti). Georgia also borders the Black Sea, which makes the country even more exotic. Here are the top peaks and seaside bundles, which allow people to rest in a variety of nature. Georgia is distinguished by its cuisine and wine culture. Each region is distinguished with its individuality as well as characteristic cuisine rules as well as winemaking traditions. Do not miss this chance to get to know Georgia!

9 Main reason why you should visit Georgia

1. Georgia is the oldest country in the world. This is confirmed not only by Georgian but also by foreign manuscripts and archeological excavations. Signs of statehood are already visible in the Georgian tribes living on the territory of Georgia, which eventually crowns the formation of a united states.

2. Christianity in Georgia was first preached by the Apostles of Christ, Andrea, and Simeon Cananeli, which ended in the fourth century with the announcement of Christianity as the state religion. Science suggested that this should have happened in about 337 years.

3. Argonauts, the old Colchis Kingdom visit for the first time Apollonius Rhodesian (3rd century BC) appears in "Argonavika". The ancient Greeks had a narrative about Argonauts, who were in Colchis BC. Year The 1000th year of the arrival of the Golden Fleece. Argonauts were the "first tourists" who visited Georgia for a certain purpose.

4. As a result of archeological excavations in 2001, parts of skeletons discovered in Dmanisi in Georgia are scientifically dated to 1 800,000 years old, which is the oldest continent across the European continent. In the circles of scientists it is assumed that human resettlement in Europe occurred from Georgia.

5. Archaeological finds confirm that the alphabet in Georgia was already in the 1st and 2nd centuries. With historical sources, it is confirmed that In the 4th century King Parnavaz Pirveli made the formulation of the Georgian alphabet and united Georgia under the rule of the unified king.

6. This is a historic monument: Jvari (Mtskheta, unique architecture), Svetitskhoveli (Mtskheta, unique architecture), Gelati (architecture, 500 different colors of nermes, mosaic and painting in the temple painting), Ushguli (village of mountainous Svaneti, above sea level and is the highest populated area in Europe.

7. The Greater Caucasus is stretched from the Taman Peninsula to the Appaspora Peninsula 1100 km. Length and is the highest mountain system in Europe. The highest peak is Ialbuzi ZD 5642 m. While on the territory of Georgia Shkhara ZD 5068 m. Great Caucasus with its unique flora and fauna, with beautiful meadows and rides is the goal of traveling to many travelers in Georgia.

8. Georgia has long been enjoying the status of wine. Here is the oldest footprint in viticulture and winemaking in the world. The history of the wine began in the Neolithic period and the facts proving that most clearly appeared in our country. A few decades ago, archaeologists in the village of Kvemo Kartli, in the Marneuli Valley, south of Tbilisi, destroyed the archaeologists. Several chicks of the VI millennium vines were discovered and according to morphological and amp logographic signs, it was given to Vitis Vinifera Sativa. After the last excavation, the Neolithic period was found to be some of the seeds, and in addition to finding wine balances, scientists have studied several fragments of clay vessels discovered on the settlement. The chemical analysis of the acidic calcium was confirmed on the pottery. Only wine or grape juice could be the source of wine acidity on ceramic material walls. These findings confirm that human and vine relations are in the BC It started from VI millennium and that there are not only the first cultural wine in the territory of Georgia but the first signs of wine.

9. Old Silk Road (XIII century AD - XVII Century BC) crossed Georgia. He has left a number of traces in the country's cultural life, contributing to its development and active trade and cultural relations with large countries. Thanks to the Silk Road, many towns in Georgia have grown up to date that have maintained their greatest cultural significance.

10. In Georgia you will meet both subtropics and semi-desert, continental and climatic haws. You have the opportunity to relax in winter resorts and spend an unforgettable summer on the Black Sea coast. Visit the Cedar City Vardzia and the Cave Monastery Complex David Gareji, which is in a deserted wilderness.

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